Ari Kempler commences trading crude oil on the floor of the NYMEX.

Kempler & Co., a New York Corporation is formed for the purpose of increasing liquidity and transparency in the ethanol market.

Kempler exports its first barrels of ethanol to Brazil and the EU.

Kempler delivers its first barrels of natural gas liquids.

Kempler diversifies its product mix by expanding into distillates and petroleum coke markets.

Kempler’s core strategy is to transport commodities from producer to consumer at the lowest possible cost. The key to our success is to properly manage the market, credit, and operational risks associated with the movement of each shipment.

Kempler began business in 1997 as a crude oil trading operation on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange. In 2010, Kempler relocated to Miami, Florida. Today, Kempler is principally engaged in the trading, wholesale supply and distribution of natural gas liquids (NGLs), refined products, renewable fuels, petrochemicals, and petroleum coke to both domestic US and international customers.

Recognized for its integrity, innovation, and dependability, Kempler has established a dynamic downstream energy business, delivering value added supply chain solutions to its customer base.

Through the application of sound financial discipline and rigorous risk management Kempler has established a robust business that is capable of meeting the various challenges that accompany fluctuations in commodity prices and business cycles. Ultimately our most precious resource is our people.

Privately held, we are a nimble, agile, entrepreneurial, transaction driven firm. Strong financial performance and ethical corporate governance are the foundations of our business.