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Kempler Energy & Co

Collaboration, Commodities, Compliance

Within physical energy markets, Kempler & Co has established a reputation for delivering quality products to customers in a timely manner. As an integral participant in niche segments of the domestic liquid commodities marketplace, our team identifies specific strategies to enhance value through targeted applications. The foundation of our expertise is built upon trading renewable fuels, distillate, gasoline components, and natural gas liquids.

Kempler & Co is active in regulatory credit markets. Our core competency in regulations credit trading is Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) associated with the EPA’s Renewable Fuels Standard. Our organization is committed to prudent risk management principles. The combination of our discipline, thorough protocol, and track record of meeting our clients’ needs makes Kempler & Co well-suited to satisfy compliance obligations. Kempler & Co aims to establish new customers and most importantly continue to nurture our long-term partnerships. Privately held, we are a nimble, agile, entrepreneurial, transaction driven firm. Strong financial performance and ethical corporate governance are the foundation of our business.